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Create A Beautiful Holiday Mantle In 15 Minutes!

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Decorating for the holidays does not have to be a two-day affair with pounds of tinsel and homemade glitter ornaments! This short article will show you how to quickly but beautifully decorate your mantle. Once you gather the materials you can easily assemble this in 15 minutes and get back to sitting by the fire.


  • Centerpiece or focal point: choose a photo, holiday artwork, or a graphic message such as Happy Holidays.
  • String of lights: shown here are white lights on a white string but be creative with your color theme.
  • Greens: if using candles, go with artificial but fresh boughs also work well
  • Multi-sized Lanterns, Candleholders, and Statues. Click here to order.
  • Extras: tuck ornaments and doodads into the greens for a little extra dimension. Shown here are green pinecones but you could use red ball-type ornaments; real pinecones; candy canes; or whatever you like.

Building Plans:

Step One: Place focal piece in the center and string lights along the base.

Step Two: Lay greens in front of focal piece, covering up the stringer.

Step Three: Arrange large pieces (lanterns, snowmen) symmetrically out from center.

Step Four: If there’s room, add more greenery to the ends of the mantle

Step Five: tuck decorative extras throughout.


Step Six: Turn on lights, light candles, and sit back enjoy your creation!

This design also works well on a buffet or as a long table centerpiece. This snowman motif can also easily carry your décor right through Valentine’s Day – just swap out the Santa picture for another Snowman or Winter Design.

For an extra treat, snuggle up with the kiddos, turn the lights off, and watch the stars dance across the ceiling. 

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