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Vegetable Garden Favorites Seed Kit – 29 Varieties, Non-GMO, Packed for 2021

$ 49.97

   Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced gardener, Clovers Garden is here to help you grow your best garden. We’ve created a collection of seed kits perfect for every sized garden with plenty to grow, store, and share.

   Our largest kit, the Veggie Garden Favorites Seed Kit, includes 29 different varieties of seeds. The full packet will grow over 2700 pounds of fresh produce! More than enough to feed your family all summer and fill up your canning room for winter. 

   We’ve chosen only the finest, 100% non-GMO, quality seeds in combinations that include traditional gardener favorites for flavor, yield, and performance. Tested for germination success and always fresh for planting season. Ready to grow on your schedule, suitable for all US Climate zones and perfect for indoor, greenhouse, hydroponic, or direct to ground or container planting. 

  You’ll also get access to our exclusive Clovers Garden digital Gardening Guide with everything you need to know to successfully plant your home or survival vegetable garden.

   For three generations, Clovers Garden has served gardeners and we’re happy to continue that tradition today with gardening products designed for the home grower. We’re gardening right beside you and are here to answer any questions. 

  Veggie Garden Favorites Collection includes:

  • Premium seeds, guaranteed non-GMO.  Open pollinated seeds (except for a few hybrid varieties), tested for germination success. 
  • Contains 29 varieties including beans, beets, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cantaloupe, carrots, corn, cucumber, eggplant, leek, onion, peas, peppers, squash, tomato, turnip, watermelon. 
  • USA grown and hand-packed. Includes several heirloom seed varieties, suitable for all U.S. Climate Zones.
  • Resealable waterproof seed vault bag with individual resealable bags. Store for up to 7 years.
  • Works in all gardens: indoor, greenhouse, small space containers, hydroponic, AeroGardens, early seed starting or in-ground garden plots.
  • Pollinator friendly seeds. Also Includes marigold seeds, a natural deer and rabbit repellent.
  • Access to exclusive Clovers Garden digital Gardening Guide with everything you need to know to successfully plant your vegetable garden
  • Clovers Garden 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

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Veggie Garden Favorites Seeds List (approx. 25 seeds of each):

American Flag Leek: Popular all-purpose variety with onion-like flavor, sweeter and milder.

Black Beauty Eggplant: Classic Italian variety with superb flavor and high yields.

Burpee Big Boy Tomato: America’s favorite hybrid tomato. large fruit, great taste, and thick meaty flesh. Great slicer or canner.

Butternut Squash: Rich, orange, fine-textured flesh, scrumptiously nutty-sweet flavor with high cooking quality.

Calabrese Green Broccoli: Delicious, old-fashioned broccoli with tight heads.

California Wonder Pepper: Largest heirloom pepper with mild and pleasant flavor. Ripens to red.

Contender Bean: Heirloom, bush bean, high yield of tender, flavorful stringless pods. Great for canning.

Copenhagen Market Cabbage: Old-fashioned, early favorite, crisp and tender leaves. Perfect for sauerkraut or soups. 

Crackerjack Mix Marigolds: Natural deer and rabbit repellent, perfect for cut flowers and floral arrangements.

Danvers 126 Carrot: Sweet, smooth, and deep orange carrot, excellent for storing. 

Detroit Dark Red Beet: Most popular, old standard, all-purpose red beet, sweet, tender, and tasty flesh.

Dixielee Watermelon: Flavorful, bright red flesh with black seeds, smooth, hard and tough rind.

Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea: Delicious peas are small to medium, cream colored and not crowded in the pod.

Evergreen Long White Bunching Onions: High quality, tender, white fleshed with a mild delicate flavor; most winter-hardy bunching onion.

Golden Bantam Corn: Excellent sweet flavor, improved to stay tender longer into season, longer ears and drought tolerant.

Hearts of Gold Cantaloupe: Produces beautiful melons with aromatic, sweet deep-orange, thick juicy flesh.

Jumbo Hale's Best Cantaloupe: Popular variety combining flavor with earliness and reliability, unforgettable sweet flavor and aroma.

Long Island Brussels Sprouts: Most popular variety for over 100 years with an unusually fine, nutty, sweet flavor.

Market 76 Cucumber: A popular standard in both the North and South, excellent slicer.

Mortgage Lifter Tomato: Huge heirloom beefsteak that puts out heavy yields of low-acid, deep pink fruits. 

Purple Top White Globe Turnip: Very popular Southern staple for both the root veggie and greens.

Rainbow Blend Carrots: Kaleidoscope of bright cheery colors in this gourmet mix of carrots, adds beauty and healthy antioxidants to any meal.

Spaghetti Winter Squash: Large, squash with stringy flesh (just like pasta!). Delicious, nutritious, and stores well.

Straight 8 Cucumber: Old-fashioned white-spined farmer's market cuke, sweet and mild.

Sugar Snap Pea: Classic, most flavorful snap variety, both the pea and pod are sweet.

Summer Melody Squash (Zucchini): Delightful blend of the best summer varieties: Golden Zucchini, Black Beauty, Gray Zucchini, and White Bush Scallop.

Super Sweet 100 Tomato: Classic, sweet, red cherry tomato with a higher Vitamin C content than any other tomato.

Sweet Banana Pepper: Longtime favorite for sweet mild flavor. High yield, large, pointed yellow waxy fruits, turn brilliant red (and sweeter) when mature. Great for pickling, jams and relishes, or fresh from the garden!

Table Queen Acorn Squash: Sweet, golden-yellow, tender, medium thick flesh is excellent for baking, frying, or steaming.