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Buy 2 (two packs), Get 1 (two pack) FREE. Automatic Discount, No Order Limit!
How To Burn a Jar Candle

How To Burn a Jar Candle

This may be surprising but there is a right (and wrong!) way to burn a jar candle. Here’s just a few tips to get the best results and longest burn time out of your candles:

  1. During your first use, burn the candle long enough to liquefy the entire top layer of wax to prevent the formation of a dip or “wax memory ring”. If this depression forms, it will tunnel to the bottom of the candle and the outer edges will not burn. It will also cause the wick to eventually drown in the wax, making it difficult to keep lit.
  2. After the first burn, keep the wick trimmed to ¼”. A perfectly-burning candle should not smoke, flare-up, or flicker. This means the wick is too long or the candle is placed in too strong of a draft. Short wicks also cannot flop over and get trapped in the wax as it cools.
  3. Keep the wax pool free of debris such as matchheads or wick trimmings. Once the candle cools down, just screw the lid back on to protect the surface.
  4. If keeping candles on your deck or patio, be sure they are not exposed to the hot sun. A normal sunny summer day is enough to melt the wax in the jar!
  5. Always burn on a heatproof surface and away from potential fire hazards such as curtains or fabrics.

For best mosquito repelling, place candles within 6 feet of activity areas. Use multiple candles to ring your sitting areas for maximum coverage.


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