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Pre-Orders Now Open! Shipping starts in early April.
Pre-Orders Now Open! Shipping starts in early April.

Pre-Orders FAQ

We're all excited to begin gardening season! Our pre-orders are now open on all live plants. This page answers frequently asked questions on when and how you'll get your plants if you order early.

Question: When Will My Plants Ship?

Our Target Date for beginning shipping is April 8, 2023. 

But this depends on a few things:

1. The weather. We grow our plants in Midwest greenhouses -- while they're fairly protected from the elements a late cold snap can delay growth of our plants. We also ship our plants from our Chicago greenhouse so we're dependent on the weather for receiving the plants and sending them to you. We don't want to put plants in a cold truck for a couple days! Lastly, it depends on your weather -- we won't ship to places we know are about to have late season cold snaps (your place in line will be preserved!).

2. Your place in line. We ship in order of when we got your order. Placing a pre-order essentially holds your place in line for when those plants come in. It's rare but we have had varieties sell out (especially hot peppers). Locking in your order early ensures you'll get the plants you want.

3. Will all my plants ship at once? Yes but with a few caveats. If you order everything at once, those orders will stay together (so please let us know if you place an additional order). However, we can only safely fit 4 to 6 plants per box so shipments may get separated or delayed after they leave our warehouse.