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Maple Syrup Tree Tapping Kit (Pack of 10) Includes 2-Foot Drop Line Tubes, 5/16" Tree Saver Maple Taps Spiles + TWO 1-Quart Maple Sap Syrup Filters

$ 25.94
  • Kit includes: (10) 5/16” Maple tree taps (spiles); (10) 5/16” x 2-foot blue, flexible, drop line tubes; (2) One-quart filters, MADE ESPECIALLY FOR SAP/SYRUP FILTERING; Quick-start, instruction sheet by Maple Tapper, the maple tree tapping experts
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE on TAPS and TUBING. Our heavy-duty food grade taps, 2-foot flexible heavy-duty tubing, and Quick Start Instruction Sheet provide EVERYTHING you need to start maple tapping quickly.
  • Our specially made darker blue tubing is more bacteria resistant than traditional clear tubing because it draws less sunlight, yet still shows the flow of maple sap. Color is also highly visible in the woods, making it easy to spot when emptying buckets
  • The 5/16” tap (tree-saver spile) has been shown to cause 30-35% less damage to the tree compared to traditional 7/16” spiles
  • The perfect maple tapping starter kit for beginning or experienced maple tappers; both kids and adults. From Maple Tapper, the maple tree tapping experts.

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