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Pre-Orders Now Open! Shipping starts in early April.
Pre-Orders Now Open! Shipping starts in early April.

Wisconsin 55 Tomato Plants | Two Live Garden Plants | Non-GMO, Heirloom, Semi-Determinate

$ 19.97

Pre-orders are now open 

Order your garden plants today so you're ready to grow when spring arrives! We'll begin shipping plants in late March/early April depending on the weather and your gardening zone. We'll send you a notice when your order ships.

Disease & Crack Resistant

This easy-to-grow tomato produces early and puts out large amounts of good-sized fruit right up until frost. A popular garden choice, the Wisconsin 55 Tomato is a good slicer and cans well.

Clovers Garden Wisconsin 55 Tomato Plants:

  • Two Large, Live plants – ready to grow, premium tomato plants, 4” to 8” tall plants, in 4” pots.
  • Indeterminate, globe variety.
  • Non-GMO, No Neonicotinoids – so you can grow fresh produce that’s healthy for your family and pollinators.
  • 10x Root Development – robust plants with healthy roots that handle transplanting better and grow stronger right from the start. Gets you to a faster, more productive harvest.
  • Grown in the Midwest – all plants are grown in the USA and we manage the entire process from seed to your doorstep.
  • Fast, Priority Shipping and Careful Packaging – your plants arrive quickly in our exclusive, eco-friendly, 100% recyclable box designed to protect your plants and the planet.
  • Plant in any US Zone – works in containers; small spaces, balconies, patios or large gardens. Treat as a tender annual in Zones 9 and colder.
  • Growing Requirements – requires full sun, average water and fertilization, benefits from caging or staking.
  • Quick Start Planting Guide – created just for our customers, this copyrighted guide walks you through every gardening step from unboxing to planting.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Tomato Plant Growing Requirements:

    Light: Full Sun

    Type: Indeterminate

    Growth: Benefits from caging or staking

    Matures: 65 days after planting

    Spacing: 36”

    Size: 8' to 10' plant

    Fruit Size: Average, 12 ounces

    Resistant to: blossom end rot and gray leaf spot (St).