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Buy 2 (two packs), Get 1 (two pack) FREE. Automatic Discount, No Order Limit!
Buy 2 (two packs), Get 1 (two pack) FREE. Automatic Discount, No Order Limit!
Decorate Your Deck! Five Unique & Quick Ideas for Using Candles Outdoor . . .

Decorate Your Deck! Five Unique & Quick Ideas for Using Candles Outdoor . . .

Flickering light adds so much to your outdoor spaces and these gorgeous, long-burning jar candles do double-duty because they also repel mosquitoes! And more is better when it comes to this decorating item . . . choose the scent you love, they all work to drive biting insects from your party. Or combine colors and scents to match your patio décor. Another bonus? These candles have screw-on lids so when the party’s over, you can close them up to protect from rainwater.

Here’s a few easy ideas to update your next deck party with Mosquito Naturals candles.  

Repurpose Household Items
Think like a light beam when scouring your cabinets or thrift stores . . . metal colanders or cheese graters cast really interesting patterns when the glow shines through but they’re open enough to keep the air flow for the candle.

Candles Do Not Have to Set On Tables!
All it takes is a little twine or wire and a cookie rack and you have a chandelier or a hanging lantern. Just loop twine around the rim of the candle to create a hanger, string en masse through the holes of the cooling rack, and hang from a pulley (so you can raise and lower it to light it).
Or hang individual lanterns from a short shepherd’s hook lining your walk or even from a birdfeeder hook attached to a railing post.

Created a Lighted Path.
Solar stakes are nice along your walkways but candles really add that special touch. Just mix in candles along the edges of your sidewalks and steps to light the path to your next deck party. Try poking in wire “firepit drink holders” – these candles fit perfectly! The heavenly scent and flickering light will really set the mood as your guests drop in.

Stagger Your Displays.
A decorator trick is to always place candles or décor in odd-numbered groups and staggered heights . . . for some reason this is more appealing to the eye. Pull chunky candlesticks from your house, repurpose chunks of wood, or turn buckets or terra cotta pots upside down to make a base. Group in the corners of your seating areas and top with candles. Place a potted plant in front to hide the bottoms and you have a gorgeous lighted display that will glow all evening.

Dollar Store Décor!
Whether it’s seashells or stones, we all have favorite collections and grouped with a few candles they make the perfect centerpiece. Browse the aisles of your local dollar store or thrift shop for a big metal container or cake plate. Spray paint your favorite color or leave as is, drill a couple holes in the bottom (if leaving outside), and group three candles in the middle. If the container is deep, place the candles on a brick or rock. Fill around the candles with your shells, stones, or whatever you love and you’ll have a year-round centerpiece that also smells delicious.

We’ll be adding more fun decorating ideas all summer so be sure to check back!


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