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Citrosa Geranium Mosquito Plant -- TWO Plants – Naturally Repels Mosquitoes, No See Ums and Other Flying Insects

$ 29.77

Save $5 instantly on every two-pack in the Mosquito Plant Collection. Discount automatically applied at checkout. No limit on quantity but all plants must be purchased in one order.

The Queen of all Mosquito Plants, Citrosa Geranium is the first choice for naturally repelling mosquitoes! Also called Mosquito Plant, when rustled or crushed the leaves give off a pleasant citronella scent that mosquitoes cannot stand. As with all geraniums, this plant is easy to grow, able to withstand heat, partial shade, and most moisture conditions. Over the summer it can get as large as four feet around and often puts out pretty pink blossoms. It is perfect around your foundation, in deck planters, around play areas, and wherever else you fight mosquitoes. 

Will grow in all U.S. climate Zones but is only perennial in Zones 9 or warmer. They can be overwintered or propagated using traditional geranium overwintering methods. The leaves are also edible and can be used candied in desserts, brewed into a tea, or steeped in oil or vinegar for a lemony infusion.

All plants Priority Mail. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

What you'll get with your order:

  • TWO Mosquito Plants (Citrosa Geranium) potted in 4" pots and are approximately 6" to 10" tall. 
  • Our plants are bigger and healthier than other online sellers' plants and have up to ten times the root development.These are ready-to-grow plants not seeds or rootstalks!
  • We stand behind all of our products and we carefully package our plants and ship them quickly so they're ready to plant when you get them. If anything happens during shipment, we'll replace it!
  • Every order includes our exclusive instruction booklet with helpful hints on planting a mosquito repellent garden.

What other gardeners are saying about geranium mosquito repellent plants:

From Anita M., Pennsylvania:  "Thank you for the wonderful, beautiful, healthy plants. I just received my two citronella geraniums and THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! The same day that I ordered from you, I also ordered 3 larger pots of citronella geraniums from another vendor. When the competitor's box arrived on my doorstep it was crushed and had been taped to be held closed.  The three pots were crushed and the plants were pale green, thin and looked very weak.  The stem of one was cracked at the base and I don't think I'll be able to save it.  
Your plants arrived on time and the box was in perfect condition.  I opened it from the bottom as you had noted on the side of the box.  Very little dirt had spilled out of the pots during shipping, the plants and pots were in perfect condition....and the plants are green and lush and healthy. Can't say enough about your products and service.  I will definitely be ordering from you again in the future."

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