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Buy 2 (two packs), Get 1 (two pack) FREE. Automatic Discount, No Order Limit!
Buy 2 (two packs), Get 1 (two pack) FREE. Automatic Discount, No Order Limit!

Bee Balm "Balmy Purple" (Monarda) | Two Live Plants | Non-GMO, Hardy Flowering Perennial, Pollinator Favorite

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Bee Balm (also called Monarda) plants are known for their unique shape, with clusters of tubular flowers and a large seed head that hummingbirds and songbirds love. This variety, Balmy Purple, has purple flowers and grows to be between 2-4 feet tall and can spread up to 3 feet wide. They attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies and make for a lovely cut flower for summer bouquets.

Bee Balm prefers full sun to partial shade; moist, well-drained, loamy soil; and benefit from deadheading to promote blossom. Be sure to water consistently but do not overwater. This plant makes a great container addition but roots must be protected for it to survive freezing temperatures. A hardy perennial in zones 3 and warmer, this plant is part of the mint family and will spread aggressively if left unchecked.

Clovers Garden Bee Balm (Monarda) Perennial Plants:

  • Two Large, Live plants – ready to grow, premium flowering perennial plants, 4” to 8” tall plants, in 4” pots.
  • Non-GMO, No Neonicotinoids – plants are raised without these chemicals to protect pollinators.
  • 10x Root Development – plants handle transplanting more successfully and grow stronger right from the start.
  • Grown in the Midwest – all plants are grown in the USA and we manage the entire process from seed to your doorstep.
  • Fast Shipping and Careful Packaging – your fresh plants arrive quickly in our exclusive, eco-friendly package designed to protect your plants and the planet.
  • Plant in any US Zone – best for foundation planting and large gardens with room to spread. Grows as a perennial in Zones 3 and warmer.
  • Growing Requirements – Prefers full sun but will tolerate partial shade, average watering and fertilization, and well-draining, neutral soil. For extended blooming, snip off deadheads after blossoms. In the fall, trim plant back to 2” above ground
  • Season long blossoms – plant will flower from mid-summer to first freeze and makes for long-lasting cut bouquets.
  • Quick Start Planting Guide – created just for our customers, this copyrighted guide walks you through every gardening step from unboxing to planting.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer Reviews

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no flowers yet probably not till next year BUT

These 2 plants were bushy, green and (I'm no doctor) HEALTHY !!!! Glad I found you guys !