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Buy 2 (two packs), Get 1 (two pack) FREE. Automatic Discount, No Order Limit!
Buy 2 (two packs), Get 1 (two pack) FREE. Automatic Discount, No Order Limit!

Citrosa Geranium Plant | Two Live Citronella Garden Plants | Non-GMO, Mosquito Repellent, Blooming, Edible

$ 22.97

With lush, green foliage, and the occasional pink-purple flower, the Citronella Geranium plant has a natural lemony scent that bugs hate. This gorgeous plant only grows bigger and fuller all season, providing natural protection for all your outdoor spaces. Grows just like a regular geranium and does well in containers.

Clovers Garden Mosquito Repellent Plants:

  • Two Large, Live plants – ready to grow, premium herb plants, 4” to 8” tall plants, in 4” pots
  • Non-GMO, No Neonicotinoids – so you can grow fresh produce that’s healthy for your family and pollinators.
  • 10x Root Development – robust plants with healthy roots that handle transplanting better and grow stronger right from the start. Gets you to a faster, more productive harvest.
  • Grown in the Midwest – all plants are grown in the USA and we manage the entire process from seed to your doorstep.
  • Fast, Priority Shipping and Careful Packaging – your plants arrive quickly in our exclusive, eco-friendly, 100% recyclable box designed to protect your plants and the planet.
  • Plant in any US Zone – works in containers; small spaces, balconies, patios or large gardens. Treat as a tender annual in Zones 9 and colder.
  • Container-friendly – herbs do well in pots, planters, and window boxes and their lovely foliage make them a great filler plant with blooming annuals.
  • Season long harvest – this edible plant will grow all season long and can be harvested all summer, just snip off what you need and the plant will keep growing.
  • Growing Requirements – requires full sun, average water and fertilization.
  • Quick Start Planting Guide – created just for our customers, this copyrighted guide walks you through every gardening step from unboxing to planting.
  • Third Generation, Family-Owned Small Business -- we’ve been helping gardeners since 1957 with established greenhouses right here in the Midwest.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Grow a Beautiful Garden with Citronella Geranium!

A beautiful garden with citronella plants gives you the beauty and natural bug repellents. Citronella Geranium already tops popular gardening lists because it's a robust, quick grower; adaptable to almost all conditions; and gorgeous in every setting. Best of all, when cut, bruised, or even rustled by a breeze, it gives off a pleasant, lemony, citronella scent. You’ll love it, bugs and insects won’t.


Citronella Geranium grows large and bushy with thick foliage of lacy, medium-green leaves and produces a few pretty pink-purple blossoms during the season. Add trimmed branches to floral arrangements as the thick leaves provide a good

structure for smaller flowers. Plant near high-use outdoor spaces such as play areas, patio borders, decks, containers, or around the foundation. Create a natural perimeter to enhance the

plant’s natural protection. Even on slightly breezy days, you’ll smell the fresh, lemony scent and so will those pesky insects.


Combine with other protective plants such as Lantana, Creeping LemonThyme, Peppermint, Basil, or Lavender.

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Jon Hofmann

Plants arrived quickly and in good condition.


they never sent this item. took many days and argumentative texts to get a refund.


Plant was packed well and arrived alive but with some steams already showing death.


To soon to tell

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